Top Secret Things to Do in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is the most northern region in Japan. It is also the coldest in Japan where temperatures can get very cold like the arctic. But Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful and culturally magnificent place in Japan. It only has about five percent of the Japanese population, but the total land mass of Hokkaido covers approximately 20 percent of Japan. Hence, Hokkaido has the most dispersed population all around Japan.

As the population is dispersed around Hokkaido, there is plenty of hidden places to travel and visit in Hokkaido. Here are some of the best!

Daisetsuzan National Park

Daisetsuzan is one of the biggest national park in Japan. In this park you can find a lot of hiking trails and hidden hot springs. It is also very beautiful with its seasonal forests and abundant wildlife. The scenery here is so picturesque and pristine, you think that you are in heaven!

Noboribetsu Onsen

An onsen is basically a natural hot spring where it is naturally warmed by the earth. This place at Noboribetsu Onsen is a magical place which you can soothe your aching muscles and joints. This place is not to be missed out and a must visit!

Ski slopes of Niseko

If you want the perfect place to ski or enjoy perfect powdery snow, then Niseko is the place to go! The snow is the most perfect snow that you can get in Japan and has amazing scenery that comes with it. If you never have seen snow before, than come to Niseko and enjoy the beautiful scenery and snow!

Top Secrets Why Customized Glass Is A Nice Advertising Product

Promotional glasses are in all places and no one can run away from it. Firstly, they serve the purpose of being just a container where people can drink safe and uncontaminated beverages. As time goes by, it has evolved assorted variations and has adapted the nature around it. Today, glasses and mugs are being maximized for advertising purposes. By simply printing the logo and the name of the corporation on these items, advertising starts rolling in.

But has it ever crossed your mind and asked why custom glasses for marketing? Well, if it does, here are some of the open secrets that make custom glass mug a nice advertising item.

These materials, can be a nice collector’s item. Collecting glass wares is a splendid investment. Who knows, these customized mugs that you are collecting might turn out to be a worthy possession when it ages. In addition, there are countless kinds of glasses that you can collect. It can either be from different countries or antiques.

It is a wonderful keepsake. Thus, if you are a traveler, you can order a customized mug from a location that you have visited. This will certainly be a good souvenir of a worthwhile journey that you have experienced. Gazing at it might bring you a lot of fun memories. In addition, these glasses may also display the country’s culture and tradition.

It is a splendid promotional material where you can preserve a special affair. It can be handed out as a thank you gift to people who participates in a certain event whether it is for the sake of marketing or just a simple veneration. Moreover, it can be a commemorative gift to excellent staff, loyal customers and high ranking executive as a premium promotional freebie.

Lastly, it could be a special favor in simple events or gatherings like a family reunion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, celebration of Thanksgiving Day or any special holiday. Other than that, it can also be a nice incentive during organizational meetings, conventions, product launch or trade fairs. Undoubtedly, these materials will be very much appreciated.

Hunter Gold Farming – Top Secret Fortune Maker

Hunter gold farming is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of making gold in Wow. It doesn’t matter what spec you are using as long as you’ve made sure to level your pet to 80 so it can hold decent aggro. Just being a hunter even an epic geared hunter doesn’t make you a gold farming machine though. You need to know exactly what and where to farm. That’s where I come in. I’ve been playing Wow for more than three years and have an army of characters spread across 10 different servers.

How to Make a Fortune Farming One Item

So you probably think you need to go out and farm a whole variety of items in order to make big money in Wow but the truth is certain items are traded in such high volume that you can support every one of your needs by choosing just one. For anyone at all familiar with marketing this is called a niche. You want to establish you own niche inside Wow and dominate that market but how can you do that with so much competition?

Where to Make Your Fortune

It really doesn’t matter which item you pick as long as it is readily farmable but I’ll give you a little secret I’ve been using to literally clean house lately. Eternal fires were 40 and 50 gold when Wrath first released so players quickly caught on to farming them in various spots but as competition went up more and more players gave up on this niche. So why do you want to get involved now? Simple, there are two spots you can use to constantly have a flow gold coming in. If you travel just east of the Sons of Hodir you will find the forge. At that forge you will find the flaming remnants.

At first glance you’ll notice there are only about a dozen of them and you might even see one or two players already farming but do not leave. These mobs have a forced respawn meaning every time they are killed another mob will spawn. They are not on a timer like other mobs. There will always be a mob to kill and you should be able to grind out 8-10 eternals and hour with little to no problem. Depending on your server this should get you in the neighborhood of about 200 gold. Now take that and couple it with the various vendor trash and greens that have been dropped and you easily crack 350 gold for one hour of farming.

If for some reason you simply refuse to farm at this golden spot there is another spot that is second best for hunter gold farming and that is wintersgrasp. If you choose to farm Wsg make sure your faction has control. When you have control of Wsg all eternals have a 100% drop rate in that area meaning it’s like a buffet of eternals just waiting to be plucked but don’t forget they do not have a forced respawn and you may be facing some stiff competition.