3 Top-Secret Tips to Save On Your Next Honeymoon Cruise

All newlywed knows what a stressful time it was when they were planning out their wedding but then once everything is said and done you still got to plan for your honeymoon. Maybe you decided to take a backpacking trip through Europe or take a nice honeymoon cruise down in the Caribbean but it all comes down to having a great time and also budgeting your money after a big wedding. If you’re like millions of recently married couples, saving some extra cash after the wedding is a great idea but you don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and relaxation of the honeymoon due to money-saving. If you follow these 3 “top-secret” tips to save on your honeymoon, you’ll have a time of your life and save a few extra pennies!

Do The Research

Starting your honeymoon research early is the best thing anyone can do. Once you have started planning for you wedding, start looking for a honeymoon, both of you will enjoy. Keep and eye for deals online and sometime skim through some wedding magazine, I’m sure there are honeymoon travel advertisements here and there. I like to do an comparisons once I have about 3 choices in mind. Find out which honeymoon cruise to trip has the best offer and best travel location of your choice.

Off-Season Honeymoon

A lot of newlyweds avoid the dreaded “off-season” honeymoon trips but when you hear off-season this doesn’t mean the weather or location is not nice or worth the trip. Most times rates to tropical places jumps up during peak times like for instance Winter, where all the travelers are trying to get out of the cold winter to a nice warmer setting. So places like Brazil are nice all year around, take a look and see if the prices to these places are cheaper say during Mid-August, or a time when hardly anyone travels.

Earn Rewards

Some credit cards, allow you to earn rewards when using to make purchases. These rewards can be points to earn free air-miles or free hotel rooms. A great tip is to charge all or most of your wedding expenses to that credit card so you can build up your points and in return you’ll be able to save on your honeymoon. You always have to remember to spend what you can pay back. There is no point in going in to debt trying to save on a honeymoon, that defeats the purpose of this article! Also check out for black-out day according to your rewards card, some peak season trip maybe black-out depending on your provider.

There you have it  3 “Top-Secret” tips to save on your next honeymoon cruise. These tips should help you save at least a few hundred dollars on your next honeymoon cruise. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy your honeymoon, ain’t no point to go on a honeymoon if you are stressing over the money it took to get you on the cruise in the first place.