Conceiving a Baby Girl – Three Top Secrets

For most people, the concept of conceiving a child is known as one of the most basic instincts of any human being. However, for some families who may already have many boys or for any reason at all, they may want to specifically know how to conceive a girl. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to increase those odds that you will have a girl baby.

A good place to start is with your ovulation cycles. Knowing when exactly you will be releasing the egg is very important. To help you with this task it is suggested that you pick up an ovulation predictor, just make sure that it is a fairly accurate one.

Your partner produces two types of sperm every single day. One of these types will produce a boy while the other will give you a girl. Now in the case of the boy sperm, these little guys are sprinters. They can travel short distances the fastest and fertilize the egg just as quickly. However, when you have intercourse 3 to 5 days before you ovulate, the boys will simply die off where the girl sperm can hang around for a while longer.

Then of course there are the acidity levels of your vaginal fluids. You see, the boy sperm cannot stand higher levels of acidity. So you will need to get so PH testing strips as well as a douche and before you have intercourse you will need to test the fluid. If the PH is too low, a simple and quick douching will raise these levels ineffectively killing off the boy sperm.

This is a task that requires two to perform so here is something your partner can do to help. Remember, the girl sperm are the real athletes and they can swim longer and further then the boys. By having your partner ejaculate closer to the opening of the vaginal canal, you are causing the boys to swim further in which most will never make it all the way.

When you have the proper information and are willing to follow through with it completely, you will be able to accurately reduce the chances of having a boy to the point where you will have almost a 90% chance of having a girl. Just whatever you do, for the two days prior and up until the day after ovulation, you have to prevent abstain from any intercourse to give the girl sperm their chance.

It is when you do everything together one of two things will occur. You will either become pregnant or you won’t. If you become pregnant, and you have followed through all three of these tips then the chances that you will conceive a girl are very, very high.