Top Secret Wealth Formula Revealed

That elusive formula to usher in wealth, celebrity and happiness must be the right mixture of base ingredients: hard work, advanced education, the right relatives, luck, ingenuity, persistence, tenacity, blood, sweat and tears. These components, if properly blended, guarantee success. Or do they? The secret must be in the proportion: one part brawn, two parts brain, powered by a catalyst of creativity, all relying on a measure of luck. The correct ingredients in the exact proportion are sure to produce the optimum result – the grand elixir of prosperity.

I sense that even if you believe there is a formula, the optimum mixture, like a Starbuck’s Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Cream, is in whole or in part a mystery. Well, let’s unravel the vagaries, clear away the obscurities, and reveal the secrecy. Let’s get at the truth. Nothing less than your future and your very life are at stake.

We have all been taught the lessons of education and hard work. These are sure to get you what you want; sure to get you what you need; sure to get you ahead. Well, if you have an affinity for either, or for both, you are sure to compete favorably with those who choose that same path. You may have noticed, while many have passed on the options of education and hard work, the path is still crowded with rivals. Education and hard work have long been espoused as the road to riches so most people are convinced a treasure rests at the end of the road. Unfortunately, the traveler often ends up at rest before reaching that elusive goal.

Well what of other ingredients? Success has been attributed to wit, timing, tenacity, persistence, ingenuity, intuition, skill, birth, station and luck along with a hundred other variables. Determining the precise mix of the select ingredients to apply to unique circumstances and distinctive people may be a bridge too far. This then suggests it’s up to fate. Well not so fast.

Success is defined simply in a word: “more”. Success is ultimately about being more, having more, becoming more. Success is synonymous with the power of life: to grow, to become, to expand. Life is an exercise in experiencing more. In this regard, all of life – every life – is an episode, is a journey, is an experience of more.

So then, what of our formula. Make a leap with me. The base element of experience is energy. All matter consists of energy and energy is influenced by one other substance. That other “substance” impacting the human experience is desire – ideas. We are made up of energy, experiencing the interplay of energy. We are awash in energy. But ultimately, we are guided by ideas; ideas in the form of intentions / desires.

To succeed, to have more life, control your intentions. Intentions manipulate the energy of this reality. Success is, in the end, a function of intent, a function of desire, a function of thought. Through intentions, desires, thoughts, people control their experience of this reality. Through thoughts people get more, experience more, become more.

The surefire and absolute secret of success, the elixir of prosperity is one part intention, two parts desire, three parts focused thought. All the world responds to a focused mind. Success is after all an experience. To experience what you desire – focus thought, focus intent. The mysterious forces of life will reveal all in due time.

The top secret formula of success is in your mind. You have intended to discover it, and so you have.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

The Ex Soviet Top-Secret Submarine Base in the Ukraine

One of the most interesting places I visited recently was in Balaklava in the Ukraine, which is situated 10km south east of Sevastopol, on the Black Sea Coast. This Beautiful and interesting little town is probably most famous for the Crimean War of 1854-1855, but now is evermore becoming reminiscent of a small seaside village in the south of France in its style with it’s paved seafront boulevard and yachts moored in the harbour.

But until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, was one of the most secret towns in the Russia, closed off from the outside world Balaklava was home to a Nuclear Submarine Base like no other. Straight out of a James Bond Movie, the Base was one kilometre inside the surrounding hillside, through a cannel system running from a Sea opening to the harbour on the other side. Inside was an underground nuclear base complete with dry dock and room inside for up to 10 Nuclear Submarines, nuclear & conversional weapons and staff. It is clamed that the base could take a direct hit from a nuclear weapon and still remain operational with its large two stage blast doors.

Almost the entire population of Balaklava at the time worked at the Base, even family members could not visit the town of Balaklava without good reason and identification. The base remained operational after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 1993 when the decommissioning process started and the warheads and low yield torpedoes were removed. Then in 1996 the last Russian Submarine left the Base, and now you can go on Guided tours round the Cannel System, Base and small Museum, which is now housed in the old weapons stowage hangers deep inside the hillside. Further information on the Submarine Base with photos and guides are available on the Travel Ukraine [] site.

Top Secret: 10 Tips How You Can Be Happier With This Kind of Economy (Recession)

It’s no small secret that small business drives the US Economy. While Main Street provides the jobs that spur economic growth, it is the American entrepreneurs who are truly creative and productive. Owning and operating a home based travel business can prove to be a rewarding career. In response to the unpredictable job market, many Americans are opting to seek telecommuting opportunities; which allow for a great deal of personal freedom. With a business, such as a home based travel business, you will be able to find the silver lining that exists in our current economy:

Experience Personal Freedom:

With a home travel business, you can experience the personal and financial freedom that many working Americans are seeking. With the ability to work from anywhere in the world, you will avoid the hassle of commuting and can use those valued hours to regain control of your personal life. When working for yourself, there are no office politics, dress codes or stringent work schedules. To succeed with a home based travel business, all you need is personal drive, dedication and time-management skills.

You don’t have to be a “fat cat” to receive tax benefits:

Among the numerous advantages of having a home based business are the huge tax benefits. There are incentives having your home and office under one roof. By owning and operating a small business, you will be able to deduct a part of your home’s operating and depreciation expenses. These operating expenses can often include your mortgage, rent, property taxes, insurance and other household maintenance expenses.

You Are In Control of Your Own Destiny:

In addition to the numerous tax benefits of running a home business, you can keep control the amount of money you make. True to the simple principle: the smarter you work, the more money you can make. You control your earning potential so you don’t have to wait for a raise or promotion. Your home travel business will operate 24/7 and has the potential of earning you income while you sleep!

You Can Save Money on Every Day Expenses:

By running a travel business from your home, you will save a great deal of money on gas and food. Preparing meals at home are more cost efficient and nutritious.

Connect With Friends and Family:

When you have a home business, you will get your own personalized website to share with friends and family. This would be a great opportunity to connect with your support system and share your knowledge and expertise on the travel industry and select destinations. When your friends and family book their travel through your website, you can earn up to 90% commission. WHY LET THE BIG COMPANIES MAKE ALL THE MONEY? With your home business, you can benefit by earning a commission each and every time travel is arranged on your website.

Minimum Risk:

Home based businesses are great for the average citizen because they require they require very little start-up capital. You can realize your dream of business ownership with minimal upfront investment. Running a home business from takes less capital than a freestanding business or even a franchise location. Once your business is up and in operation, it can be cheaper and easier to maintain than a separate business location.

Less Stress:

Owning a business from home allows you to juggle the demands of work and family. By designing your own work schedule, you can work at your leisure.

See the World!

One of the most exciting benefits of operating a business from home is the ability to benefit from personal travel. You will get paid every time you travel, no matter whether it is a cruise, hotel or family vacation.

Residual Income:

With traditional jobs or even contract positions, once the work is done, so is your pay. With a home based travel business, you will be able to create residual income through the referral program as well as earn commissions!

Get in Touch With Your Creative Side:

In addition to the residual income, you will have the ability to get in touch with your creative side. Launching your travel business can be an opportunity for you to give birth to your interests that you may not have had time for before.