The Top Secrets to Make You Slim

For those girls who want to lose weight, today I have the top 9 secrets to help you gradually get rid of fat and overweight without suffering.

1. Look for nutritional food: Consider the food you are going to take each meal not to be over your palm size. And when it comes to snacks time, forget those high-calorie cookies, cake or any sweets but look for fresh or baked fruits, or nuts.

2. Make body movement as much as you can: When walking, try to move your legs and wave your arms a bit strongly to exercise. Also do not stick to your seat over 30 minutes or you will get belly fat. So every 30 minute walking is great.

3. Change your habit and mind: Do not stand eating because you may take excessive food unconsciously. When going shopping, try to have something before going out because when feeling hungry we always buy stuff over more than the need. Also do not buy only your favorite stuff as you may stick to it all day and that’s impossible to lose your weight.

4. Find the tools to help: You may turn to eat with chopsticks so you can eat slowly with less amount of food. And try to stick a picture of slender woman on the mirror or fridge wall to make it your inspiration.

5. Eat outside: Change the location to the expensive restaurant and choose the single dish. Actually it is a trick that expensive food can make you eat less. What is more important is do not look at the menu more than 5 minutes because you might can’t stand ordering many dishes.

6. Choose the proper drink: When you are going to drink wine, you should avoid the sweet one as it has high calories up to 185 which are higher than in a piece of brownie. Use a small glass for your drink every time so you can gradually sip instead of drinking it once at time.

7. Control your thirst: When it comes to the party time, it is common for people to take much stuff but remind yourself not to overeating and you should avoid taking cake or sweets. Promise yourself to have only hors d’Âœuvre or appetizers and the drinks should be rum, diet coke, or any diet tonics.

8. Go traveling: During going traveling, forget any mini bar snacks but look for the fresh fruit. Opt for the hotel with fitness so you can do exercise everywhere though you are not at home. Going traveling is a good chance for you to walk more and this of course can help you lose weight.

9. Conceal your shape: Look for the little black dress to help conceal your shape and make you look slender. Wearing the high-heeled shoes can also make your legs look slender. Furthermore, choose the natural-tone makeup and do not put too much blush-on on your cheeks or your face looks round and big.