Top Secret Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

The easy thing about wedding planning is the reception-the only place you can have a wedding reception is a hotel, right? Who needs cheap wedding reception ideas-your decision is made for you.

Wait…that doesn’t sound right. Planning a wedding reception is not that easy, and thank goodness for that! No one wants to have the same wedding reception as everyone else they know, and not everyone wants to spend $30 a plate on hotel food. Using a different type of reception venue can save you money and give your wedding a special flair that is uniquely you. Take a peek at some great cheap wedding reception ideas and throw a great party!

1. If there is a university or college by you, many have parks or halls that they will rent out to the community. Although they may have a list of preferred caterers, most do not require you to use a certain catering company-you can choose your own food or even make your own food for the reception.

2. If you are having an outdoor wedding, see if there is a pavilion nearby-it minimizes you and your guests’ travel time, and prolongs your enjoyment of the outdoors on your wedding day!

3. Check out historical homes in and near your city. Historic homes are usually large and beautifully decorated-whether they are privately owned or owned by the city, you can sometimes rent them for a whole day for a very reasonable rate. It’s also a very unique experience since it’s not a typical wedding or reception venue!

4. Another cheap wedding reception idea is hosting your reception at a community center or other non-profit site, such as a VFW building. Since they are non-profit, the cost to rent it is usually dirt cheap!

Planning a wedding doesn’t always have to be expensive-if you’re creative and willing to do a little bit of research, you can have a gorgeous and cheap reception!