Top Secret Wealth Formula Revealed

That elusive formula to usher in wealth, celebrity and happiness must be the right mixture of base ingredients: hard work, advanced education, the right relatives, luck, ingenuity, persistence, tenacity, blood, sweat and tears. These components, if properly blended, guarantee success. Or do they? The secret must be in the proportion: one part brawn, two parts brain, powered by a catalyst of creativity, all relying on a measure of luck. The correct ingredients in the exact proportion are sure to produce the optimum result – the grand elixir of prosperity.

I sense that even if you believe there is a formula, the optimum mixture, like a Starbuck’s Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Cream, is in whole or in part a mystery. Well, let’s unravel the vagaries, clear away the obscurities, and reveal the secrecy. Let’s get at the truth. Nothing less than your future and your very life are at stake.

We have all been taught the lessons of education and hard work. These are sure to get you what you want; sure to get you what you need; sure to get you ahead. Well, if you have an affinity for either, or for both, you are sure to compete favorably with those who choose that same path. You may have noticed, while many have passed on the options of education and hard work, the path is still crowded with rivals. Education and hard work have long been espoused as the road to riches so most people are convinced a treasure rests at the end of the road. Unfortunately, the traveler often ends up at rest before reaching that elusive goal.

Well what of other ingredients? Success has been attributed to wit, timing, tenacity, persistence, ingenuity, intuition, skill, birth, station and luck along with a hundred other variables. Determining the precise mix of the select ingredients to apply to unique circumstances and distinctive people may be a bridge too far. This then suggests it’s up to fate. Well not so fast.

Success is defined simply in a word: “more”. Success is ultimately about being more, having more, becoming more. Success is synonymous with the power of life: to grow, to become, to expand. Life is an exercise in experiencing more. In this regard, all of life – every life – is an episode, is a journey, is an experience of more.

So then, what of our formula. Make a leap with me. The base element of experience is energy. All matter consists of energy and energy is influenced by one other substance. That other “substance” impacting the human experience is desire – ideas. We are made up of energy, experiencing the interplay of energy. We are awash in energy. But ultimately, we are guided by ideas; ideas in the form of intentions / desires.

To succeed, to have more life, control your intentions. Intentions manipulate the energy of this reality. Success is, in the end, a function of intent, a function of desire, a function of thought. Through intentions, desires, thoughts, people control their experience of this reality. Through thoughts people get more, experience more, become more.

The surefire and absolute secret of success, the elixir of prosperity is one part intention, two parts desire, three parts focused thought. All the world responds to a focused mind. Success is after all an experience. To experience what you desire – focus thought, focus intent. The mysterious forces of life will reveal all in due time.

The top secret formula of success is in your mind. You have intended to discover it, and so you have.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis